Feinstein on the auto bailout

She says:

On December 11, 2008, the Senate failed to move to consideration of legislation that would have provided a bridge loan to Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors by a vote of 52-35. I voted in favor of this motion because I believe that allowing the automakers to fail could create a snowball effect costing thousands of American jobs and putting our economy deeper into recession.

So, I understand her correctly, the point of the American government is insure that everyone has a job—it doesn’t matter what they are doing or if it’s worth the money they’re getting paid—just that everyone should have a job. Well, I think the Soviet Union had that twisted mentality right up until the point when they imploded and self-destructed. If that’s what Senator Feinstein wants to happen, then by all means, Diane, go ahead, keep passing frivolous bailouts. But should I have to be taken down with those auto companies? I don’t think so. You want to pay for it, go ahead, but keep me out of it, you fat socialist fuck!


One response to “Feinstein on the auto bailout

  1. Here is an idea. Let us just never again vote for any incumbent office holder? Result? Automatic term limits, throw the bums out who got us in all these messes we are bailing out for trillions!

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