Common sense stimulus package

Bernanke now wants to get into the act with ANOTHER stimulous package because evidently the first one wasn’t good enough to prevent unemployment from climbing to a whopping 6.1%.

First of all: Big fucking deal. unemployment is lower than it was 10 years ago when we had the best economy ever accroding to CLinton supporters.

Second of all: The stimulous package isn’t going to work immediately. It’s going to take a while- and even then, it’s going to make the economy worse, not better. But no government employee wants to wait for us to see that—they want more money now before the stocks start recovering and people are still acting like scrred little girls.

How about this for a stimulous package, you socialist mother fuckers—give me the $700 billion and I’ll decrease unemployment to 0% because I could employ nearly 19,000,000 people for an entire year at $40,000/year. What the fuck do they want with more money?



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