Bailout plan on to senate

THe senate gets ready to vote on increasing the size of government by 25%- probably the single-most detrimental move to socialism anyone has ever seen since the Bolshiveks took down the Tsar.

Senators websites are getting flooded- I just checked but couldn’t get into Barbara Boxer’s website (overloaded servers), and Diane Feinstein’s was experiencing the same problem.

People- call your seantors and tell them to vote against the bill- the ‘improvements’ they’ve made aren’t substantial enough- we need to prevent this unconstitutional bill from passing.

Unless you want to listen to some French foreign central bank president, “It has to go, for the sake of the U.S. and for the sake of global finance,” Trichet said in an interview in Frankfurt with Bloomberg Television late yesterday. “I am confident, but of course it is the decision of the U.S. Congress.”

Aren’t you sick of paying for wealthy people’s mistakes?

I am


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