Banks bailout didn’t FAIL

I’m sick of hearing all these reports that say the bank bailout failed. THe vote was a success you sick socialist mother fuckers. The TAXPAYER WON! rejoice. The bill didn’t fail, the losers that put the shoddy bill together may have failed, but the rest of us won.


2 responses to “Banks bailout didn’t FAIL

  1. There are lots of other options besides bailouts, and the scare tactics the Bush administration is using to pass this is rediculous! Paulson said a year ago the economy and banks were stronger than he had ever seen in his career. Call congress and let them know you do not want your dollars being pocketed by the wealthiest people in the world – Call Congress — 202-224-3121. They are saying they will pass this tomorrow, call and tell them there is no way we will stand for it. If the line is busy try again later. Thanks.

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