Funny thing about debate commentary


When one side of the political spectrum says the debate was a “tie’, it means their candidate lost. It’s funy to look at the reports of the like sof Joe Klein (off the charts Domocratic apologist) and people on Slate and Salon:


Obama and McCain looked like equals onstage. McCain turned in a marginally stronger performance, but Obama looked strong enough, and in a tough year for Republicans with Obama leading in the polls, that’s a victory for the Democrat.


But even if my verdict were reversed to grant McCain a slight victory, there was nothing in this debate that was a knockout blow


when Barack Obama and John McCain stood at dueling lecterns for the first time, both candidates sometimes found it difficult to ignite

Give me a break! Obama got his ass handed to him. I don’t even really like McCain, but he tore Obama up. Lines like “You don’t say that out loud!” about Obama’s comments about bombin Pakistan and “I saw three letters: KGB”, distanced him from Bush and set himself far above Obama. I think most people were expecting a lot more from Obama since he’s such a great speaker (perhaps unfortunately), and what they got was a disappointment. McCain did not disappoint. If you find yourself calling it a tie, you need to step away from the blue bias and open your eyes.


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