Save the turn signalers!

I’ve been noticing some pretty hilarious behavior on the road recently. Whether on the street or the highway, people just drive right in front of other cars while changing lanes. They risk life and limb as they just plow across the lane markers barely making it in front of another 2000-pound missile. But it’s okay-they must think- because they use their turn signal.

But they don’t have their signal on for 2 minutes (or even the recommended 200 yards) before the turn, they start the turn signal exactly at the point when they make their move to the other lane as if we need a little blinking light to tell us that a fat-ass SUV is moving in front of our car!!!!

People! THe point of a turn signal is to indicate a turn BEFORE you turn.

Check it out- it happens all the time- people whip the steering wheel first and move their fat fingers to the signal lever second. It’s ridiculous.

This behavior probably originated to counter jackasses on the road who don’t let polite drivers over when they do signal. But still- what’s the point of signalling when you’re already turning? Do people think it’s OK to cut someone else off as long as their stupid little blinker is flashing? Morons.

I say- don’t signal at all if you’re just going to do it after the fact. SAVE THE TURN SIGNALERS!

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