Why Smokers SUCK!

By nature, smokers suck. They suck a fad wad of rolled up burning skid marks in a piece of paper (good thing there’s a filter!) However, smokers sucking goes beyond the obvious physical act of puckering their lips around a little tobacco penis.

Smokers suck because, in their ulta-moral position to “do what they want” are forcing others to do what they DON’T want, namely inhaling their evil fumes.

Smokers suck because they pollute—ever look down on a public street? It’s littered with smokers’ unconscious waste.

Smokers suck because they are a drag on a welfare state that pays for their unhealthy habit. I don’t smoke, yet I have to pay for each and every smoker’s emphysema and lung cancer.

Smokers suck because they waste time at the workplace. Do I get a 5 minute break every 10 minutes to go kill myself slowly outside?

Smokers suck because they contribute to companies that do nothing for society except pull people down with their addictive but ‘cool’ habit that turns teeth yellow and lungs black.

Here’s to you smokers- you SUCK!

This guy sucks:


11 responses to “Why Smokers SUCK!

  1. I don’t even know where to begin with this one…
    You may be paying for the treatment of cancer patients, but we smokers actually generate funds for the state by buying our smokes and paying TAXES on them.

    I agree that one shouldn’t smoke indoors unless there is a designated smoker’s area which is cordoned off – I used to dislike it before I started too.

    It’s easy to point a finger and spout uninformed ideas and stereotypes about something you obviously have no experience with. How’s that for an ultra-moral position?

    That being said, I’m going to step outside to “sample the air” for a while.

  2. I have no experience with? How about every single day I have experience with smokers wasting time, killing the environment, and destroying the healthcare system. Wake up you self-centered dickhead!

  3. Oh, boo-fucking-hoo, we’re so sorry that you have to occasionally get a whiff of carbonized, secondhand smoke. Go cry about it (or dedicate your time to bitching on the Internet). You took the time to snap a photograph somebody smoking a cigarette in THEIR car. What kind of petulant moron are you? Oh, a staunch anti-smoker. Typical.

    • Oh boo fucking hoo, we’re sorry that you have to occasionally read pure hatred about your filthy habit you fucked up tobacco slave. Go cry about it (on someone else’s website which isn’t hurting anyone unlike your cancer sticks that everyone around you has to experience). You selfish arrogant bitch hole. How would you like to get a whiff of my second hand cyanide smoke to shove in your nose socket, leather lips? Did you realize that you were complaining about complaining? Idiot.

  4. Smokers, with state taxes alone contribute 50 Billion dollars in taxes evey year, that is 50 Billion with a “B”. This does not include the money the fedral goverment rakes in, thiese figgures are several years old and with the recent additioan sin taxes it’s a lot more,. Sounds to me like you’re the moral midget here

    • I would say that their $50 billion (if that’s right) covers some of the costs of smoking, but nowhere near the entire price tag. Health care is a $2.5 trillion dollar industry and much of that is due to smokers’ failing health.

      Anyway, since when did paying taxes make someone moral? Nazis paid a lot in taxes- much more than we did- does that make them more moral? Image a group of people going around farting in people’s faces- would paying taxes on their sickening habit make it any more just??

      And why do you make fun of midgets? They can’t help being little and they’re still people. You can call me a moral midget all you want, but you’re always going to be a big dick!

  5. this whole page (pro smoking comments included) is fucking stupid

  6. this product http://www.StopSmoking21DAYS.com is recommended to help break the cigarette nicotine addiction, i called to talk to their coach hotline

    by professional golfer Dean Chitren

  7. rantventrant (nicetry)

    im sorry i was wrong i have just started smoking and i love it………………….love to all you smokers out there

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