Nuclear McCain

I don’t like what John McCain represent, which has recently been big government. I do like what I’ve heard recently about McCain and nuclear energy- he wants America to start producing more of it. That’s the gist of my previous rants and that’s what we need to be promoting to get us out of this oil-dependent, OPEC-suckered, $5 a gallon cesspool that we’ve gotten ourselves into

Here’s the article:

The only thing better than going nuclear is to go nuclear privately without government subsides. Unfortunately, I don’t think Johnny would like that too much.


6 responses to “Nuclear McCain

  1. The only problem is that we don’t get electricity from oil. It’s only a couple of percent of our total electrical generation. The majority of our electricity comes from coal and natural gas which is pretty much all from domestic sources.

    I’m all for nuclear. But it won’t do anything for the price of oil.

  2. we can derive hydrogen fuel from water by using nuclear energy. This will allow us to replace oil with water.

  3. You’ve got yourself a deal if you can convert the nuclear waste to water, too.

    But it hasn’t happened yet, and I keep hearing cockamamie schemes to get rid of the waste by putting it in places like earthquake zones.

  4. nuclear waste is still the most easily-contained energy waste by a natural resource we’ve found. Am I missing anything?

  5. Yucca Mountain has too many problems. Maybe work out something to store the waste at Chernobyl or another one of those Russian sites that is already messed up anyway and nobody’s ever going to clean it up. . I am certainly not opposed to finding something better to do with the waste.

  6. ha! I like that- give it to the Russians 😀

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