Ron Paul’s announcement

So, it wasn’t the announcement many of us were hoping for- Ron Paul didn’t announce he was running for President as an Independent– but what he is doing is something interesting all the same. It’s a campaign to educate and embolden citizens in our quest for liberty and smaller, less-obtrusive government. We need to wake up to what government is doing and what it should be doing. We still have power to right the course, but if we are blind to expanding government for much longer it will be too late.

Check out the website here:

Ron Paul


4 responses to “Ron Paul’s announcement

  1. I’m not to impressed with Paul after his campaign trashed the parking lot of my church, and also when a famous Democrat came to town to speak, his campaign turned out to harass her. Come on, there is freedom of speech AND assembly. If you don’t like what someone says and want to speak out, host your own event. Don’t harass someone in an effort to try to silence them.

  2. well said. Paul’s campaign should abide by any rules of decency. That doesn’t hurt his ideology however. In fact- you’re endorsing his ideology with your complaint- Liberty first!

  3. I also don’t like his idea of stripping citizenship from American citizens because of the citizenship statue of their parents. I do have general problems with the parts policies on immigration that would deport those who are good productive people.

    But there are some things I agree with him on, such as debt and taxes.

    Regardless of this, he has been campaigning hard now and has managed to capture the interest of 1% or so of the population despite all his hard work. There is nothing to indicate that this will ever change. Even if he increases his hold by 300%, that leaves him just 3% of voters. This positions him in the role of spoiler rather than serious candidate. At least he handles this role with more grace than Rotten Ralph does.

  4. I’m not sure about his position on immigration. My feeling is that we shouldn’t have to worry about immigration- if our government wasn’t in the business of welfare, we could allow everyone in the world to come here and be productive people if they wanted. But now we have a state that gives handouts to people for not working, in which case we must keep illegals out so that they don’t take advantage of that system

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