Those sneaky bastards!


Taxpayer Alert: Billion Dollar Service Tax Could Avoid 2/3 Legislative Vote


Today’s OC Register uncovers an obscure rulemaking provision that could be used to impose a new multi-billion dollar tax on services – WITHOUT A 2/3 VOTE OF THE STATE LEGISLATURE.

This potential budget breakthrough should scare and mobilize every taxpayer in California.

I have been warning for months about a possible sales tax on services as a budget solution. This new sales tax on services would mean a new tax on everything from haircuts to car washes, dry cleaners and movie theatres, and even accounting and legal services.


Help stop the madness!


One response to “Those sneaky bastards!

  1. Michigan has had this recently. Must indicate some sort of priority by the Jennifer Granholm (governor) administration to combat Michigan’s economic problems by wiping out even more businesses.

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