Fat smokers and the government

Right now some very slow obese City workers are “working” outside my house in sunny San Diego. As I look at them, I’m considering the medical care they suck up each year after they suck down 4000 calories a day—medical care that is overpriced as it is and going up at alarming rates. They probably use a lot of medical care, not much of which is preventative.

It wouldn’t be a problem if they were paying for their own doctors’ bills, but they’re not paying, their employer is paying. And in the case of these nasty beasts, their employer is me.

This brings up a great point-if I owned my own company and employed people and paid for their health care, I sure as hell wouldn’t hire fat asses and if I saw an employee lighting up, I would stick that cigarette up their stinky pooper (this is probably why I don’t have any employees). So why should I be FORCED to pay for some jackasses medical bills when they obviously don’t care about their health?

Some people have it right: Sarasota isn’t going to hire smokers any more and Britain is targeting government smoking in a recent campaign.

With the costs of health care going up and the percentage of our collective paycheck going to fund government, it’s about time we demand that our workers stop blatantly unhealthy behavior.


4 responses to “Fat smokers and the government

  1. thefrozenpancake

    I think the fishnet thigh-highs make the picture all the worse…

  2. *Sigh.* Don’t you ever learn?

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