Don’t vote!

It’s election day here in California and I’ve gotten a lot of people texting me or writing emails encouraging everyone they know to vote! Get out and vote!… because… people are out there dying for our freedoms- let’s not make that in vain.

To an extent, I agree- we should vote because some sorry bastards in countries like North Korea and Iran can’t vote and they would trade their three pounds of rice or goat named Az-Kabab for the right that most of us slimey Americans take for granted. But before we all get wacky about it and make the trip to the polling place, let’s make sure about something first. Let’s make sure we know what we’re voting for!

Let’s not follow some ridiculous advertisement showing a candidate petting kids and hugging fluffy bunnies. Let’s not follow the Democratic or Republican handbook—let’s learn about the issues and candidates and make our own decisions!

Of course, it’s not that easy—it seems like the voter people make it intentionally difficult to vote wisely (there were two propositions on today’s ballot in California with basically the same name and description yet the props were “competing”). But we should still try to know what and whom we’re voting for and if you don’t have a clue- I say DON’T VOTE! Stay at home and keep eating your french fries dipped in blissful ignorance sauce! Just don’t blame me when the government knocks down your door and takes those fries from your fat hand because other ignorant dickheads voted for the proposition to “save the schools”, which coincidentally made the state a fascist government.


One response to “Don’t vote!

  1. I could really use some French fries just about now.

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