Court overrides voters in California on gay marriage

There are a few things wrong with this picture (besides the fact that everyone in the picture is hideous). First, who gives a shit if gay people run off and get married? It shouldn’t matter to anyone what others do in their private life. But that brings up the next point- second, gays don’t just want to “get married”, they want gay rights, which basically means they want visitation rights when their gay parter is in the hospital because the gerbil they stuck up his ass won’t come out and they want married-people’s benefits for health insurance (like that industry isn’t already busted) and tax credits. I’m with them on the tax benefits- the more people that get tax credits, the better, in my book.  But if gay people get tax credits and visitation rights, shouldn’t anyone? I have a friend who’s lived with his brother for a long time- shouldn’t they be able to get common law marriage benefits too?

This brings me to the third point, which is that there is a clear distinction be heterosexual couples and gay couples: the former can have children naturally and the latter have to rely on some weird science or fly to Africa to steal a baby from over there. No doubt when the benefits to marrieds were being granted by the government, this is what they wanted to promote- more children. But that is ridiculous now- we don’t have a population problem. Why should the government be endorsing baby-making anyway? That doesn’t protect anyone (which, by the way, is government’s sole purpose).  Maybe it was to counter government’s allowance of the killing of over a million babies every year through abortion.

I digress. Marriage should be a religious thing, not a contractual government thing. Get government out of the marriage business and there wouldn’t be all this hubbub about COURTS deciding what everyone is going to pay for.

I for one am happy that Butchy and Roxy can spend the rest of their lives together in bliss, but don’t expect me like paying for it. Butchy and Roxy:


5 responses to “Court overrides voters in California on gay marriage

  1. I thought the title of your blog was maybe your name. Then I got the joke!

    Check this out. It’s something I wrote about rantz:

  2. you are a fuck bag.

  3. iskullfuckedreagan

    this site is fucking garbage and I would love to kick its authors teeth in if I saw his nazi ass in person

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