Madonna’s Lesbian kiss in Paris

I was wondering how long it would take Madonna to start looking like a complete dickhead in her pursuit for publicity and I think it just happened.  In Paris, she evidently staged another lesbian kiss (a la the catalyst to Britney Spears’s downfall), and she was drinking champaign and looking like an idiot- wannabe punk rocker. You be the judge:


5 responses to “Madonna’s Lesbian kiss in Paris

  1. Wtf! Madonna Isn’t A Lesbian, OOH WOW A KISS! Big Deal! Madonna Is Amazing & Nobody Cares About Your Opinion! 🙂

  2. Evidently- you care about my opinion, or else you wouldn’t have spent the time to comment!

  3. Madonna is the shit so take a big whiff you retarded Christian Freak-show who can’t make a decision for yourself unless it’s in the Fucking Bible

  4. Take a whiff of madonna’s shit ?? Is that what your saying ? you silly nanny. Those who stand for nothing fall for anything. You weak minded black leotard wearing elitist. Is it 1992 ? Are you dieter from szchprockets ? Now it is time for you to dance. Ausvederszchein.

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