More Baby Boomer BS

This chick needs to read my book bad.

As I’m watching this, I feel like my life is being sucked out of my eyes and regurgitated through this lady’s nostrils. I feel like my 2-month old nephew is smarter than this droning blabber-mouth. She’s claiming the civil rights movement? “We did that” Ever heard of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Malcom X? Rosa Parks? Bobby Kennedy? None are Boomers. She’s claiming the feminist movement. Well, if you’re talking about the birth control movement, maybe, but universal suffrage didn’t happen under the Boomers’ reign- try a hundred years ago with Susan B. Anthony, ya jackass. I’ll give her the gay rights movement- but what the hell is a gay right anyway- I’ve always wondered that.

The right to privacy? This chick smoked one too many at Woodstock. The protection from unlawful search and seizure is in the Constitution! Boomers did not write the Constitution. It’s interesting though- she mentions that the right to privacy is “going away a little bit right now” but she fails to mention that that’s largely at the hands of a Baby Boomer President- knucklehead.


3 responses to “More Baby Boomer BS

  1. My parents are of the leading edge of baby boomers. My father is intelectual with a degree whitch he was given by the state by somthing called a grant. He made shure that I learned that all homosapiens had 1350cc of gray matter and that the colour of your skin was not what defined us as humanbeings. He belives in democracy and that the will of the people can transform. He unlike his babyboomer bretheren did not sell out,did not wrap up in the cloak of smug selfrightousness. He stood and still stands for the lofty ideas that a generation forced thruogh there vast numbers to the forground of the collective contiousness. Sadly he now stands allone ostrasised and rejected for having unrealistic belifes. Sadly I agree. Not because I don’t like his vision of human relations but because the baby boomers who could have changed the world SOLD OUT! Never trust anyone over 30 bullshit never trust a self indulgent babyboomer. They have taken everything they wanted and returned nothing to subsequint generations but scorn for not doing as well as the did. They destroyed the family unit and the religious values that used to bind them and replaced it with nothing.
    Being true to yourself is not a guiding philsophy its a cop out.

  2. I did not watch the clip befor I wrote the previous blurb but that woman epitomizes the problem with that generation. the scarry part is that she gives a patriarchal assurance that sugests that she and her gengeration will make everthing ok. treating the rest of us like children wiating for mom to decide for us. The part that really pisses me off is that in reality we do. Baby boomers controll so much of the vote not to mention wealth that we the post sell out generations can do nothing but wait untill they die off. And befor that happens they will suck us dry voting for anything that will keep them here longer.

  3. Oh cry me a river, spoiled brat.

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