Gas tax relief- it’s about time

The hot topic recently in the Presidential race is what the candidates would do about the gas tax which tacks on an additional 18+ cents on each gallon of petrol that we pump into our fatass SUVs (McCain and Clinton for it and Pelosi against it).  At $4 a gallon in some places, the 18 Lincolns looks pretty small, but after 18 gallons a fillup each week, that discount would add up. The point, though, isn’t should we get rid of the tax, it’s why is there a gas tax anyway?

Why is gas treated differently than any other product we buy? Milk doesn’t have a milk tax; water doesn’t have a water tax; but gas has a special gas tax. Did you even know there was a gas tax?  It’s not displayed on the receipt like regular sales tax.

The reason for all this is because gas is a product of an elaborate government-oil industry structure designed to keep us dependent on oil and continuing to pump money into their system. The gas tax is just one thing that those in power have done to keep the system the way it was for so long and now that it’s breaking with higher oil prices, one thing they can use to act like they’re helping the consumer out.

A gas tax break is the least they could do.  Those in charge can get rid of the subsidies that have kept oil companies in charge of energy in this country for so long. They can reduce regulation to nuclear and other alternative fuel sources, and they can stop giving money to the Middle East!

Maybe after all of that, we will have a clean, efficient, and cost-effective way of powering this country—something that could have happened decades ago if it weren’t for this monolithic oil-government structure.


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