Megan Fox is a foxx, but what’s with the tats? new FHM Sexiest Woman was released today and there is a new #1: Megan Fox. And, true to her name, she is a fox or even a fox with two ‘x’s. But there was a disheartening trend I noticed with the top ten hotties: pretty much all of them are supporting a tattoo or a few. Megan, for instance, has some scary sun-looking thing on her wrist, a script tattoo about guilded butterflies on her shoulder, another script on her hip and some other piece of shit on her ankle. This wasn’t some drunken mistake in TJ- it seems like a concerted effort by a beautiful girl to screw it all up.

Some guys think tattoos look “hot”, but I think it’s more like they think the tattoos make the chicks look reckless and instills hope in the pathetic fools that perhaps this broad my want to have sex with him. No, Jimmy Bob, Megan doesn’t want to have sex with you, but she will continue to ruin her appearance by placing scribbly little poop droppings all over her hot freaking bod.

Fox isn’t alone- there are a ton of hot celebrities with tats. It’s not hot! I preferred Fox in Transformers where they did a good job in hiding the ink. If you agree with me, vote for a chick without the tats (like Kate Bekinsale) on Ranqit.


5 responses to “Megan Fox is a foxx, but what’s with the tats?

  1. Tats turn me right off

  2. There’s nothing better than tattoos on hot chicks. I do have to question her choice of tattoos, however….

  3. its all about personal choice. she chose what she wanted to put on her body. if you dont like it dont look. stop putting your restrictions on other people.

    • It’s all about personal choice. I chose what I want to put on my blog. If you don’t like it, don’t look. Stop putting your restrictions on other people.

      See how your mentality is contradictory?

  4. No doubt Megan Fox Rocks, Nice Blog Keep it up I Find one good Blog Here… I am big fan of her. I have found collection of her HQ wallpapers, at


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