Boomers will suck us dry… unless

A recent study shows that we’re not ready for the gigantic influx of Baby Boomer old timers getting ready to hit the health care industry with all their emphysema and broken hips. Well, no shit Sherlock. We’re not even handling the current old-fart population well. What makes anyone think that we’ll be ready when the biggest population boom on the 20th century hits the blue-hair line?

It’s not just the health care industry that’s going to suffer either—other welfare institutions are going to tank as well and we younger folks will be here to foot the bill. Aren’t we nice?

I for one want there to be justice. Things need to happen to balance this sinking ship and we need to do them soon.

First: increase the retirement age. People should only get to retire when they pass their life expectancy. If you were expected to live ’til you were 70, you should have to work ’til then, that way healthy people get the benefit of paid retirement—not the smokers and fatasses that put themselves in a morgue at an early age and leave us a medical bill the size of Rhode Island.

Second: install a retirement age for government workers. It’s my understanding that government employees only need to work a certain amount of time in a career to receive pension benefits. Some people get a large chunk of their pay after working just 15 years. That’s unacceptable. 40 years should be the minimum and workers should only start to collect at their life expectancy. This is a new century and pensions are for 20th century companies where people dedicated their entire lives to doing some menial task year after year- how pathetic is that?

Third: the prescription drug benefit must go. A trillion dollars in ten years- I want to throw up. Most of the drugs are for conditions the patient brought on himself or worse—they cause unwanted issues that require more prescription drugs.

Will these happen? I don’t want to be negative, but because the Boomers are in charge now and they want to set themselves up for a nice responsibility-free retirement. Just another reason why they suck.


8 responses to “Boomers will suck us dry… unless

  1. Aside from their ailing health, the Boomer mentality is a disease. Their self-absorbed, narcissistic generation feels entitled to consume every single resource until we’re holding the empty bag. Of course, many of their children have also been so brainwashed they’ll continue in their footsteps until all the money, food, and resources are gone. Health care is just one rung on their ladder into the pit.

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