Walters’ Voter ID Bill Defeated

Not good…

Mimi Walters’ Voter Registration Bill Killed by Assembly Elections Committee
SACRAMENTO – On a party-line vote, legislation authored by Assemblywoman Mimi Walters (R-Laguna Niguel) to require voters to provide proof of citizenship when registering to vote was killed today in the Assembly Committee on Elections and Redistricting.

Assembly Democrats stopped Assembly Bill 2317 by a vote of 2 to 4.  Walters’ bill would have required persons registering to vote to produce proof of citizenship.

”It was very disappointing that the committee charged with ensuring the integrity of our elections showed such blatant disregard for voters’ right to fair elections,” Walters said after the bill was defeated.

”Fair elections are critical to the confidence the public has in our representative government.  In order to ensure that each citizen’s vote counts equally, we must ensure that those who are not eligible, do not vote fraudulently.  AB 2317 would have accomplished that goal,” Walters concluded.

Surely some of our friends from recent posts will be voting next election based on the defeat of this bill:


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