GAO Report: Government employees scamming the taxpayer

“Federal employees charged millions of dollars for Internet dating, tailor-made suits, lingerie, lavish dinners and other questionable expenses to their government credit cards over a 15-month period, congressional auditors say.” link

My answer to that: well what the hell did you think was going to happen when you give employees with no responsibility even more freedom? They’re going to screw the American public with their selfishness and greed.  These people should be strung up by their taxpayer-funded iPod cords and thrown in jail.  They should be docked pay for as much as they ran up on their Treasury credit card, the filthy quislings.

It’s not Uncle Sam who’s footing the bill- it’s you and me and I’m sick of it.

Cheers to the GAO for uncovering this.  People should not stand for this—there should be retribution!


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