This just in: Smoking Is the Most Worthless Addiction

My friend just sent me these studies proving (somewhat) that smoking tobacco cigarettes is the most worthless addiction.  The only real benefits derived from the nasty habit arise from satisfying the addiction.  So, the point is that you should stop doing something so pointless for yourself and something so offensive to others FOR THE LOVE!!  Here are the studies:

“The 0.6 mg dose worsened mood in never-smokers and caused unpleasant symptoms (e.g. dizziness and arm pain) in both groups. Compared with smokers, never-smokers experienced stronger symptoms of nicotine toxicity and a greater reduction in alertness in response to the 0.6 mg dose, suggesting chronic tolerance to some nicotine effects in smokers. Nicotine produced similar increases in heart rate and decreases in finger pulse volume in both groups. Our results imply that if nicotine has a mood enhancing effect it occurs only after tolerance has been acquired to its primary adverse effects, and that its ability to reverse the mood deterioration caused by tobacco withdrawal is susceptible to situational factors such as our experimental conditions.”

“as was heart rate increase (5.8, 4.0, 2.4, and 1.3 bpm). Three physical symptoms of smoking, dizzy, light-headed and tingling, were significantly greater when preceded by 6 h of no smoking than when preceded by smoking at 30-min intervals. However, these symptoms were rated as mild (19–27 on a 100-point scale) even when no cigarettes had been smoked.”

“The de-nicotinized cigarettes did not increase heart rate or activate the EEG. The subjects preferred the cigarettes that delivered nicotine compared to the de-nicotinized cigarettes. However, both types of cigarettes reduced subjective measures of tobacco craving and withdrawal.”


3 responses to “This just in: Smoking Is the Most Worthless Addiction

  1. This is kind of like those studies that determined that getting hit in the head and sustaining concussions can be harmful. File this in the “blatantly obvious” file.

  2. yes, absolutely right.. It’s worthless and it just brings problem.. SMOKE!!! ARRGHHH…

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