Ralph Nader makes it a three party race

Ralph Nader, the self-proclaimed consumer advocate is entering the Presidential race for 2008. While this isn’t a big surprise for many—the responses are a bit of a surprise. The candidate, who faced a concerted effort by Democrats to keep him off the ballot as a Green Candidate Party in 2004 got a lot of shoulder shrugs and ho-hums this time around.

Obama dismissed the candidacy and said Ralphie didn’t know what he was talking about when he claimed that there was no difference between Al Gore and George Bush 8 years ago. If Nader indeed said that—I don’t think he was far off. Sure, Bush has put into place two Supreme Court Justices that Gore would have rather seen on daytime television shows, but Bush inflated the size of government larger than any Democrat could have hoped for and every pet government agency of Gore’s got more funding than if Gore would have gotten elected (including the EPA).

Nader was right if he said there isn’t a big difference between the major party candidates—they’re strikingly similar (especially this year when candidates from both sides of the aisle are just dying to increase taxes), though they harp on about small but divisive issues.

The problem with Nader is that—though he’s evidently not beholden to big business—he’s even more beholden to big government. It doesn’t matter who controls the government (voters or big business) as long as the government is still controlling us. That’s why it’s important to have a four-party race when it comes time to vote—a fourth party that still believes in limited government and the rights of the people not the rights of the President.


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