Michael Moore invites Fidel to the Oscars

Another yippity do dah moment in Hollywood- the obese Nanny-state healthcare “rights” pusher, Michael Moore is inviting the one-foot-in-the-grave Fidel Castro, sick with emphysema of the brain, to the grand ole Oscars.  Won’t that be a trip?

Moore will be there to receive awards for his latest documentary, which commends the socialist country led by Castro on their superb healthcare system.

But it confuses me- why would anyone listen to this guy and his buddy Castro on healthcare? It’s beyond me.



It reminds me of when my two-ton coworker used to criticize me for eating too much salt because it would eventually lead to water retention.  Oh really?  Thanks for the advice you live-action Teletubby, I think I’ll get my health updates elsewhere.  That goes for you too Mickey!


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