Difference between Yahoo! and Google Finance

I’ve been a fan of Yahoo! finance over the last year- they have a decent interface and some interesting authors wiriting for them.  But I can’t handle it anymore—they’re just too negative.  The market appears to be coming back from its lows last week and this past week was really good, but all you see on Yahoo! is negativity—it’s depressing.

Here are two screenshots taken from the two sites today (granted a weekend).





Where’s the commentary on the great week we had on Yahoo!?  It’s nowhere- instead, they try to scare us with doom and gloom about melting housing prices and bankruptcy news.   Google, on the other hand is unbiased and efficient in their report—give me the news I want pertaining to my stocks—not some “the sky is falling” BS!

I don’t think I’ll be checking Yahoo!  much anymore for financial news—they may cause me to sell irrationally and contribute to an artificial recession!


2 responses to “Difference between Yahoo! and Google Finance

  1. I haven’t noticed any bias on Yahoo’s site, indeed their news looks pretty much comparable to what you get in the business section of Google news. I use Yahoo finance, and will continue to do so for now, here’s why: http://blog.simplewind.com/archives/2-Yahoo-Finance-vs.-Google-Finance.html

  2. no, indeed not!
    Thanks for the comment

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