Edwards leaves race – that’s a good thing

John Edwards made a living off of talking about the “Two Americas” in this country–one with lots of money (like him) and those who the rich people used and abused to get rich (like the voters).  This divisive perspective didn’t get too far with the voters, maybe because he looked like a hypocrite from the other side of the tracks; maybe because he’s just an airhead and nothing really seemed to matter that came out of his word-box; or maybe because there aren’t really two Americas.  It’s evident to me–especially after the initial primaries–that the only two Americas are those who like Edwards’ smooth jibber jabber and those who didn’t (the latter group evidently was much bigger than the former).

What this shows is that America is done looking at our differences–we all want the same things and picking on rich people isn’t going to make poor people feel any better about their checking account (especially if that verbal bully is rich himself).


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