Congress, give me back my money!

The economy is taking a little break… So, it’s the Congress bus with a Nancy Pelosi hood ornament to the rescue! Looking at the news headlines, you’d think the members of the House had invented the cure for cancer: Tax rebates aim to boost US economy, Politicians close to US economy rescue deal and it according to some writers, it’s already making an impact on the economy even though it hasn’t passed the Senate: World stocks regain momentum as US stimulus plan advances.

Let me set this straight in case anyone hasn’t already figured it out: the economy is hurting, so Congress steps in and offers us tax rebates and millions of other people (who didn’t pay income taxes) free money and we’re supposed to jump up and down and praise Congress? This is our money that Congress took and it’s the least they can do to stimulate the economy.

People see Pelosi as an altruistic hero, but this stimulus plan is about as altruistic as a kidnapper loosening the handcuffs on his victim.

It does show us that members of Congress have at least a few brain cells, though—they are admitting that we know how to improve the economy better than they do. So, way to go Nancy on the rebate, but while you’re at it, why don’t you just give me back the rest of the money you took from me last year, sucka?

By the way, here’s a real economic stimulus package.


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