Charlie Wilson’s War – Great Flick About a Lie

There is a lot to write about in regard to Charlie Wilson’s War—most notably the excellent acting, the Religious implications, and how rockin Julia Roberts’ body was. But I want to focus on another topic in this post—one which won’t get too much airtime in most blogs or mass media outlets: the insinuation that a womanizing Texas drunk single handedly brought down the Soviet Empire. From the very beginning, credit is given to the Congressman Wilson for altering history—without Charlie, history would be sadly different, a speaker says. Perhaps, but to give him lone credit and ignore Reagan’s arm race like a cheap whore with leprosy is to portray a outright lie.


Yes, it’s likely that the Congressman made a push to arm the Afghani Mujahideen after he saw the news anchor guy in a turban (though it’s also likely that he did so to avoid being discovered as a huge tub of lard wasting hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars on sluts and coke). Regardless of his motives, his actions probably contributed, but Crile’s book and Sorkin’s screenplay ignore the most important factor in the downfall of the Soviet Union: the fact that their economy was a piece of shit sham that was spiraling downward faster than lead Zeppelin in a fart storm.

I don’t appreciate Reagan’s budget deficits, but he pushed the arms race (including the nuclear one) to heights that the Commies couldn’t handle. The Soviets were dumping everything into their military and overextending themselves and we Americans just flicked a switch and produced the most advanced military ever.

The makers of CWW want us to believe that the Majahideen, supported by Charlie’s machismo defeated the Soviet empire, but that’s a crock and it dampers an otherwise great flick.


2 responses to “Charlie Wilson’s War – Great Flick About a Lie

  1. Great film. At election time it was rewarding to see a politician moved to action through oppressive, deadly world events. Hoffman and his team played the no-nonsense, intelligent, knowledgeable guys behind the scene, who really made things happen. However, political manuevering was necessary, so the senator and his wealthy connections had to push the right buttons before anything could happen. I agree that Reagan’s work and leadership was the heart of what happened to the Soviet Union.

  2. Very interesting post. As we’ve seen by the recent World Bank re-evaluation of China’s Economy (down 40%) on Dec. 17th, our economy IS THE WORLD ECONOMY. Our military IS UNMATCHED. There are many in the media that would like you to believe that the world is “flat” and that emerging markets and countries matter more than they do. It’s just not the case. Japan and China are orbiting the Moon. Seems we did that almost 50 years ago. Hmm…interesting idea for a post. Our space race versus the World’s space race.

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