joe klein and the hottest issue in politics

In the December 10 edition of Time Magazine, columnist Joe Klein illustrated the Presidential candidates’ confusion about the fervor over illegal immigration in the United States. He quotes Mike Huckabee, “I honestly don’t know why it’s gotten so hot.” And Hillary, “During the 1990s, I cannot remember being asked about immigration…” Klein then goes on to rail on anti-illegal immegration candidates by saying, “any candidate who claims to be able to shut down the border simply isn’t telling the truth.”


Just before that, however, Klein shows how little he really believes in the truth by trying to defend illegal immigrants with a series of laughable statements.

First: “A recent study of Arkansas, conducted by the nonpartisan Urban Institiute, estimated that immigrants there pay more in Social Security and sales taxes than they cost in social services…”

Since the article is about illegal immigration, the common reader would think that Kleiny was referring to that population, but the study was about all immigrants, including the more than half that are LEGAL. By the way Kleiny boy, how can we really track or estimate taxes on undocumented workers—they’re not really paying social security because that requires a… document.

Klein also fails to mention that of the $3 billion that immigrants make in Arkansas, they send 20% home to Mexico or Antarctica (whichever they’re from—I don’t want to unfairly pick on any nationality).

Second: “That doesn’t begin to take into acount the economic impact of the hard work and entrepreneurial energy that illegal immigrants bring to the society.”

He brings illegal immigrants back into the article like a magician plopping the head back on the broad in the box but he also switches the conversation. The country isn’t worried about losing all of that hard work and entrepreneurial spirit if all the illegals go back to the hinterlands and Joe Klein isn’t either. If there was real balance-sheet value in all of these illegal immigrants here—they’d be here legally because we would be begging for them to come over and Klein knows it. The fact that he has to snidely minimize the concerns about illegal immigration and portray it as racism is puny and avoiding the truth that illegal immigrants are sucking us dry—starting with their emergency room visits for broken ankles caused by jumping down from 20-foot walls (a friend of mine works in an ER in San Diego and sees it every day).

Third: Klein goes on to turn the argument into racism versus humanitarianism and that’s a crock.

If you’re wondering why people are mad about immigration Joe Klein, Mike Huckabee, and Hillary Rodham, I’ll tell you. We begrudgingly approved our little welfare state for ourselves over the last few decades, but we didn’t think we’d be paying for all of our new little brown buddies too. Yeah, they just want a job to feed their families and you can’t blame them. You can blame the welfare state—get rid of it and there IS NO IMMIGRATION PROBLEM.


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