A review of the reviews on Glenn Beck’s book

Some things I noticed- the fact that so many people give the book five stars and so many people give it 1 star is indicative of a political book and says something about the state of this country: truth is not the object in much of these ratings–beating the other guy is, unfortunately.

Beck seems like a genuine guy who wants to fix problems, but it seems that he too gets carried away with meaningless rants which only purpose is to defeat the other side.

Beck has a brilliance and an eye to pick up on contradiction like any other talk show host out there and his Amazon Blog is hilarious. I love an author who’s not to big to whoop up his contradictory critics.

That being said, I’m looking forward to reading the book when Amazon gets more copies!


2 responses to “A review of the reviews on Glenn Beck’s book

  1. i think that our polictions should not be in there our say they are going to do something and then not do i also think that out automubles sould be turned to h2o and not gas out oil and then i think we should not worry about the energy in america i hope that our politians should realize that us middle class is tired of the stuff they are pulling in washington

  2. The Glenn Beck Review

    Glenn Beck is genuine?!? Are you looking at the same guy as I am? You might want to look around The Glenn Beck Review a while. Especially see Glenn Beck: Thinker, Pundit or Charlatan? from May 11th.

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