What the Big O means for the little O

The big O, Oprah, is going to dramatically alter the campaign for the Presidency in 2008, most notably for the little O (Barrack Obama).  She is a woman who could easily get enough votes to become President herself and she has made the careers of countless new celebrities like Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray, and Dr. Phil.  Her appeal is unbelievable—every writer she has on her show goes directly to the bestseller list—she’s got a popular magazine—and everyone who listens to her REALLY listens to her.

Oprah Obama

A lot of people have been saying that Oprah is making a mistake, but I think that’s silly—she hasn’t gone negative on Hillary and she doesn’t have to.  Oprah is all positive and that’s admirable.  Her candidate is about as positive as you can get too—Obama has made a case as the outsider candidate that is going to change the tone in Washington.

While the big O effect was immediate, it wasn’t enormous and Hillary can breathe easy for now, but the beltway butch should be able to see little O in her rearview mirror shortly, and anything can happen if Obama can pick up a couple early primaries.

Oh yeah- and for those of you harping on about Oprah and Obama being racist—get over it.  Until you see some evidence, the weak connections people are throwing around are too pathetic to glorify.


One response to “What the Big O means for the little O

  1. Barack Obama will be a terrible president, his wife even worse of a first lady.
    Read his quotes and the sick things he stands for at http://www.dontvoteobama.net

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