Got some dancin moves

As anyone can tell by the content on this website, I’m not a big fan of the Baby Boomer generation, but over the Thanksgiving holiday, my mom introduced me to what must be a Boomer phenomenon (because no one I know has watched it)— Dancing With the Stars. I was skeptical at first, but after a few dances, I was enthralled. How can they move that fast?! How can memorize all those moves?! And, most importantly, how can Julianne’s skimpy dress stay on through all that?!

I have to say that I’m a fan now. I knew dancing was difficult (after 3 classes and numerous bandaged girfriend’s feet, I couldn’t even waltz), but this is a freakin art! I’m over all the reality TV drama and the judges can get a little obnoxious, but the dancing is unbelievable.

After watching a couple episodes and previous dances on YouTube, I’m convinced that Helio and Julianne should win based on talent alone (and because they’re cuter than a baby in gorilla suit).

Here’s my guy from a couple weeks ago:


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