The creepiest Christmas music ever

Ah… it’s that time of year again—time for winter coats, outrageous spending on ungrateful relatives, and the music of Mannheim Steamroller. It seems that everywhere I go or every radio station I turn to, those whacky instrumentalists who take perfectly cheesy Christmas songs and make them even cheesier, are at it again.

Mannheim Steamroller has made a huge name for themselves doing techno-style Christmas songs, but let’s be honest—the music sounds like C3PO from Star Wars ate some funky fruitcake and is now farting Jingle Bells. If that doesn’t make it clear, not everyone likes Mannheim Steamroller—in fact the only people who do like them are my least favorite generation—the Baby Boomers. No one in my cohort (gen X) can stand the futuristic sound (for 1971) of Joy to the World or Silent Night, in fact, those tacky Casio synthesizers and toy drum sets make me and my friends want to barf. “Turn it off TURN IT OFF!” I have to yell every time I hear the songs start—it’s creepy.

Interestingly, the people who like the sound (all Boomers at latest count) really like them—they’re COOL, they’ll say. Well, if that’s cool, I want to be as far from cool as an Indian’s sweaty armpit on a 130 degree day.

For those of you who had too much to eat over Thanksgiving, I’m posting a video of the kings of the keyboard:


2 responses to “The creepiest Christmas music ever

  1. dadintheheadlights

    My wife and I are gen xers and we both love the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music. I’ve read through a lot of your work and enjoy/agree with most of it. So we can just agree to disagree on this one.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I stand corrected!

    Thanks for the comments and Merry Christmas!

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