People have gone fuzzy in the brain socket

In the below interview between Jay Leno and presidential candidate Ron Paul, the Republican turned Libertarian turned Republican again told the Tonight Show host that he would get rid of income tax. Leno’s reply was, well, don’t we need the income tax? Don’t we need all that money for roads and schools and things? This made it evident to me that people really don’t get it.

America went from being a piddly bunch of minutemen to the strongest country in the world—from one of the smallest economies in the world to the largest. We did this throughout the 1800s when we faced a civil war and increasing competition from other economic nations and we did it WITHOUT the income tax.

Sure, Lincoln instituted it during the civil war, but it was removed once the fighting stopped. Income tax is unconstitutional and it required a majority of the US Senate to be absent from a vote that approved the 16th Amendment to the Constitution legalizing the bill.

Ron Paul said that the government would still have about 40% of its current revenue if we abolished the income tax and Leno wondered if that was enough. Let me be very clear about this: if you gave me over $1.4 TRILLION dollars, I would be able to do everything the government does, and I’d be able to do it better. 40% is plenty of money to get what needs to be done done.

There are two flaws in the collective consciousness about taxes and government:

1) the programs that government provides are NECESSARY

2) government is effective at providing those services

Both of these assumptions are dead wrong! Much of what the government does is ridiculous and frivolous and government does a horribly inefficient job at doing those services. I know it’s shocking to some, but let it sink in—we don’t need an income tax!


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