Ron Paul is for real- oh really?

I don’t know why people keep saying that—Ron Paul has always been for real.  What’s changed is the mentality of the people of this country.  Maybe it took a really unpopular war to get people to start scratching their heads; maybe the Patriot Act and long pointless TSA lines at the airport have finally gone too far making little old 90-year-old grannies strip down to her 1800s britches; or maybe it was the taxes that people are just now starting to wish they weren’t paying.  What ever it was, the mentality of the country has changed.  From one that allows one organization (the federal government) to take 2.7 trillion dollars every year and do whatever they want with it—often times using it to unnecessarily regulate and harm the people who pay that money.

Bush lowered taxes and the economy has been great under his reign, but the federal debt is outrageous and so is the outlays for the leviathan, the US government.  It’s out of control—and getting worse.  I think the people are seeing the light and beginning to worry about the massive hurricane that is slowly engulfing our country and there is one person who has been ready to speak clearly about this issue from day one of the Presidential campaign: Ron Paul.

He just raised $4.3 million in one day—mostly through online donations.  That is unbelievable.  It’s more than any Republican has ever raised in a day and is close to the max that any Democrat has raised too.  It wasn’t from rich multi-million-dollar CEOs or movie stars—this money was from everyday Americans who see Paul as a beacon of hope in this stormy sea of candidates.  It took 37,000 donors to make that massive statement and that is very telling of Paul’s entire campaign.  The masses, who want a more American America are about to be heard.


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