A sad day in American history

The man who is America (and so can you, by the way), cannot run for President in his home state of South Carolina. Stephen Colbert, my horse for the long haul 2008 Presidential election—the man who promised—if elected—that he would “crush the state of Georgia” because their peaches weren’t as good—is not going to be the Democratic nominee from S.C. The reasoning behind the Democratic executive committee, which makes the ultimate decision who can run as a Democrat, was that Colbert wasn’t a serious candidate. “I think this committee that votes took their responsibilities seriously. Our rules are pretty specific about what makes a legitimate candidate,” a committee member said. Well, excuse me, Miss Committee member! If thousands and thousand of South Caolinigian legal and illegal immigrants want to vote for a joke, what’s wrong with that? Remember all the people who voted for Ross Perot? What a joke. I see nothing different from John Edwards’ comments about health care and Colbert’s comments about peaches. They’re both jokes—only Colbert is up front about his comedy (well, kind of).


One response to “A sad day in American history

  1. Thank you! I completely agree. Although by now this topic is a moot point I still thought it was completely unfair. I heard it was Obama’s campaign that put an end to Colbert’s run. One thing that did trouble me about his short lived run for the presidency was his use of Doritos. Now I love me some cheesy goodness but the fact that Colbert was whoring himself shamelessly for a little cash, in fun or not, really didn’t sit well with me.

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