Walmart recalls parents

I just saw the headline that reports a million Bumbo child seats are being recalled because children are “falling” out of them.  In a similar report, Walmart says it’s recalling 28 dumb-as-brick parents for expecting that the seat would keep their fidgeting child from escaping the bounds of a little polyurethane chair after the idiot parent put the the chaired kid up on a table or countertop.

Here’s the chair—it has no straps or buckles- nothing to insure that an active kid would stay put:


Yet, the parents blame the chair-manufacturer and will inevitably increase the cost of similar chairs in the future because of all the hassle of the recall.

While it seems as though the instructions for the chair might have been a little light, here are some instructions for all those brilliant parents out there:  if your child’s life is important to you, don’t trust a products ad slogan or tagline; don’t trust some governmental or retail store approval—test the product yourself.


One response to “Walmart recalls parents

  1. My thoughts exactly! I saw an article about the dumb parents a while ago and received an e-mail pleading me to forward it to notify people about the dangers of the bumbo seat. I instead replied to the original person who sent it out and said how stupid I thought the person was. I then got out my bumbo box, bumbo and directions and the way the news articles word the directions I can see someone getting confused but the actual directions say Use on level surfaces NEVER leave your child unattended in the bumbo and don’t use on counters, tables, chairs etc.

    The parents just read the use on level surfaces and took it as you can use it anywhere.

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