Why Baby Boomers Suck 1

I had a boss who was a little kooky to say the least. He would give me something to do, then immediately tell me not to do that, then ask me what I thought, then, before I got a chance to answer, he would start telling me what to do again. In other situations he would answer a question of mine with, “Yes. No. Yea-no…. Yes…. No, ok.” He wouldn’t trust any employee with a key to the office and didn’t want us talking to ex-employees who had quit because of his abusive behavior. This is what we like to call CRACKED-OUT.

There’s a reason for why people get this way—it’s called CRACK ROCK. It’s the crystallized form of that ever-popular drug cocaine and I’m convinced most Baby Boomers had a little in their hay-day. If it wasn’t crack rock, it was LSD or some other mind-altering drug. And they did it when they were young and they did a lot of it. I’m sure they did a lot of tokin’ on the bong pipe too, but most people agree that weed is comparable to alcohol, and there isn’t much of a distinction between generations when it comes to those two drugs.

No—I’m talking about the heavy, psychedelic, hallucinogenic, and physiology-changing narcotics. The 60s were the years of mind-opening drugs and, boy did they open some minds! It opened people’s minds to a lot of dumb-ass behavior (see above). The 70s weren’t much better—in fact that decade was probably the peak of people jamming things up their noses, shooting veins, wrapping tongues, filling lungs, and then throwing it all back up.
Of course all of the Boom Generation didn’t lose their entire childhood to the chemicals from Timothy Leary’s basement laboratory, but enough did that they’re making cracked out—especially in the workplace—commonplace.

Some may say that the end-of-the-alphabeters—Generations X and Y—aren’t any better, but I contest that ol’ Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” worked—look at the stats. Drug use across the board decreased consistently from 1980 to the early 90s. Barrack Obama may have been all coked up in high school, but he can’t very well blame it on peer pressure. We didn’t do as much of the hard stuff in high school or after and our minds are better for it. However, our clear heads make for that much more frustration when we have to deal with the Baby Boomers who spent half their life on drugs and pretend they didn’t.

If you likes that- there’s more where it came from in my wonderful little ode to our silly little self-obsessed parents: the Baby Boomers. Check it out and buy a copy or fifty:

Why Baby Boomers Suck 1


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