Why haven’t I heard her yet?

Khaela Maricich

This girl (Khaela Maricich) is pretty funny and funny pretty (?).  She heads a “band” that is called The Blow, but it seems like it’s just her singing over someone’s phat beats.  The whole package is great entertainment, though and I recommend going to Amazon or iTunes and downloading the new stuff like silly!  Why haven’t I heard of her before this week?!?

Roll over this link for video: youTube


2 responses to “Why haven’t I heard her yet?

  1. I like to sex the camel! Oh, camel, oh oh!

    I loooove when you spit on me! Spit spit spit camel.

  2. Ok, um. That was terrible. Do you honestly think this is good?

    I am trying to like your site, but I just don’t think I can after that.


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