Insurance is a sick industry


Based on this letter I recently received, I’m seriously thinking about taking them up on their offer. The hospital doesn’t sound too bad if I can get $292,000! I hate the smell of hospitals because they smell like old people and people are always coughing, but screw it, I would go to the hell hole known as the hospital if I could get all that cash.

Obviously, this is a little out of context. They mean if I’m sick and can’t work, I’ll get enough money to cover anything- up to that amount if I pay along their little monthly installments. But this illustrates a major problem in the health care industry and insurance that I promise the obese Michael Moore won’t bring up in his “Sicko” – the system encourages people to be sick. According to , well, everyone, you just HAVE to get healthcare insurance because “What if something happens!?”

Politicians don’t even question whether people should have health insurance, they just pop out the number of Americans who are uninsured as if it’s a given that they should be insured under the current system. Once you get health insurance, however, it’s like a free-for-all: everything’s “free.” That’s what they want you to think. You get all these benefits and perks and it’s all FREE! You become dependent on the system and you become sicker and sicker in the process.

The problem is that healthcare is NOT free. it’s anything but free.  It costs a shitload to care for all these fat ass smoking careless numbnuts and the current system does nothing to prevent people from getting sick because they benefit when people ARE sick.  There wouldn’t be much of a health care industry if people weren’t getting sick all the time.

The only system that would work is an insurance system that pays people for NOT getting sick as opposed to the opposite- the way it is now.  If I’m paying insurance, I need to “get my money’s worth” so I’ll go for a checkup when I just went; I’ll take the $150 drugs I only need to pay $10 for; I’ll continue smoking because when my heart collapses, I get a “free” ambulance ride.

Wake up people- insurance is socialism and healthcare as it is is making you sicker!


2 responses to “Insurance is a sick industry

  1. colonizethemoon

    You bring up a very good point that Moore touches very slightly in his movie. Currently our health care system has very little in the way of incentives that are positive for the individuals served by health care. Giving bonuses to doctors who keep their patients healthy it simple changes that can have a tremendous impact.

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