What are the Democrats FOR?

Okay, okay, it’s obvious that the Democrats don’t really like George Bush 43. They make it clear every time our President inadvertently invades a country or mispronounces ‘nuclear.’ They don’t like Scooter Libby either, and the fact that Bush gave him a break makes both of them even uglier in their eyes. They don’t like oil execs, they don’t like tax evaders, and they really don’t like tax-evading big-pharma executives. In this run-up to the primary season, Democrats don’t even like one another.

Democrats don’t like a lot of things and they’re not going to take it anymore!

My question is, what are the Democrats FOR?

This question came to my consciousness when I visited their website, democrats.org today and barely even saw a positive statement. Everything was ‘Republican this’ or ‘Republican that.’  The Scooter Libby thing was of prime concern, the Republican candidates were of prime concern, but there was nothing really motivating or inspiring.  I kinda wanted to throw up after viewing the site.

Here’s the screenshot:

democrat.org homepage

As you can see, not much positive information.  What can I support on this page?

Granted, the Republican website didn’t fare much better- less Libby stuff and a bit of the Democratic Congress ridiculing- but the Democrat’s site was really pathetic.

Let’s hear some new ideas.  Let’s hear some positivity.  For the LOVE!


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