Car alarms- what’s the point?

The second-most annoying thing to wake up to, after that alarm clock cacophony of buzzers, has to be the alarm clock’s cousin, the car alarm. It’s intentionally offensive, loud, and perhaps even worst of all, impossible to stop. At 6 am on a Sunday, a car alarm has to be the least welcome thing possible. No one was trying to steal the car; it was probably just a bird who poop-bombed the piece of shit Toyota, which proceeded then to wake up everyone in the neighborhood. Incidentally, the Camry, which was making all the noise was probably worth about the same amount as the two neighboring cars’ tires (a Mercedes and Lexus).

I suppose if car alarms did anything good, I could stand a little annoyance, buy they really don’t- how many times have you seen someone entering a car with a alarm going off and not do anything about it? I personally had my alarm go off the other day and I had the doors open, but no one even looked over at me. In fact, I would venture to say that, for the most part, people want a potential thief to finish the theft after he sets the alarm off- that way, they wouldn’t have to hear the annoying blaring any more.

The only way alarms would be useful is if they did something to incapacitate the thief like a swift blow to the gut with a wooden bat or a anesthetizing agent tha’s release in the vicinity of the thief’s fat head. Another option would be to keep a rabid pit bull in your car at all times. These would all be a lot more effective than an annoying ass alarm that does nothing to prevent a car theft.

If you’re worried about theft- forgo the “I’m so cool-look at me as a beep-beep-chirp-chirp lock my car and set the alarm” and get The Club, which has evidence on its side as an effective anti-theft device.


2 responses to “Car alarms- what’s the point?

  1. What’s the point of a car alarm? It’s 5:00 AM here and I have been listening to one scream for at least a half hour. I called the cops after 5 minutes and then a half hour later. The second time I asked them if anyone else called. NO!
    What is the point? The cops are now “in the area” but what are they going to do? By the time they get there, look up the licence plate and call the owner, I think maybe another hour will go by with this lovely serenade. If there was something in the car that was stolen, the thief is far gone by now.
    Then there is that nasty “beep beep” every time someone locks or unlocks their car. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT? IDIOTS! Do we need more noise? Must I wake up every time you go to work? Must it be announced that you have arrived at home and your all locked up? Those things do have SILENT MODE. IDIOTS!
    Whats’ worse is that the insurance company’s encourage it. Why? I asked Geico. “Because it’s for safety reasons” HUH? I asked “Does anybody call the cops when these things go off. Do you call the cops when they go off?” The response was “No”. IDIOTS!
    You want to to steal something in a car? Knock it around a little to set the alarm off. Now you are guaranteed an easy break-in because everyone will be ignoring the alarm and the cops will be miles away.

  2. What a whiner you are! Without car alarms, burglar would get away with grand theft auto.

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