Mexico, give us your food, not your attitude

I was appalled to hear that the Ms. Universe contest, held in Mexico City, was marred by some rude behavior by the anti-American crowd.  When our Ms. Tennessee tripped on face in the evening gown section, the Mexicans loved it, and when she gave her speech, she was booed by the crowd.  I was appalled, but I wasn’t shocked, since Mexico has been building their resentment of America for some time now, resulting in boos during soccer matches followed by chants of “Osama“.

Mexicans, evidently, don’t like America right now, and it’s understandable: America just takes in all of their riff-raff and unskilled workers so they can work under the table in this country and send all of the money back to Mexico and the filthy corruption that occurs there.  Maybe the boos weren’t to thank us for providing such wealth for the underprivileged masses that crawl over our border illegally, but to condemn us for trying to stop it.  Just recently, some of the sane Americans have tried to enforce our immigration laws by beefing up border security and promising more fence along California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.

Maybe the Mexicans are just jumping on the bandwagon of countries who hate the lone super power because of our roll in taking out selected oil-hoarding maniacal despots like Saddam and oppressive psychopaths like the Taliban.  Ah, but what a way to get back at American political policy- boo a young girl when she falls.  What a bunch of bastards.

Personally, I like Mexican food, drinks, and culture, and for the most part, I like the Mexicans that I meet.  However, the anti-American, marching for illegal immigrants’ rights, and an enemy of our enemy (Osama reference) is our friend BS has got to go.  But if that’s the way you feel, don’t hold back.  I’m sure Americans will come around to treat you as you deserve to be treated if that type of behavior continues.  The treatment I refer to is keeping you out of our country.

I plead to whomever is reading- support whoever will close the border now

pilgram our continent


2 responses to “Mexico, give us your food, not your attitude

  1. Alfredo Gayou

    Hey man, i’m from mexico almost an engineer just few more years and i don’t hate america i found out about the booing like a week later. just dont generalize
    I already have job offer in cada and i want to stay here, don’t need to go to other countries i really like mine. and i isnt just about piñatas, tacos and so on. you should see the real mexico
    anyway… just a comment

  2. I’m all about Mexican Americans who are here legally. I don’t care about keeping one language or anything like that. I just ALL people here to respect what the country was founded on. I know people who were born here don’t appreciate the founding doctrines sometimes, but that doesn’t mean guests can rip on us, especially ILLEGAL guests (present company is surely not a part of that).

    Thanks for the comment, though- and I’ve been to Mexico a number of times and really liked it. There are losers in every country, and they just tend to show up at international beauty pageants a lot.

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