I’m sick of paying for you sickies

“You will get more back in health care than what you pay in.”  An associate of mine told me when he was trying to convince me of the merits of getting health insurance.  Another coworker chimed in, “yeah, I only pay x amount, but I’ve been to the hospital 15 times in the last two months and I’ve had all my prescriptions paid for (minus the $10 copay) .”

Their point was that it’s stupid not to get insurance, because you don’t pay much and you can get all these things like hospital visits, examinations, drugs, and peace of mind.  I had to scratch my head and think about it for a while, though.  These two people were getting more out of the system than they were paying in; my girlfriend is doing the same; pretty much everyone I know is getting more out of the system than they’re paying in.  How is this possible?

What a freakin miracle- the health care system in the US is just creating benefits without cost and all these insurance companies are losing money in the equation, but yet, somehow, they’re still getting rich.  Who’s paying?

Well, it turns out that everyone is paying.  Through government subsides to the health care industry (Medicare, Social Security, the prescription drug benefit, etc.), that very industry can allow people to get more out of it than they pay in.  In addition, there are actually people out there who don’t go to the hospital every time their nose is running or they have a pain in their ass.   These people, along with all the rest of us through taxes are paying for you chronic sickies.

I, for one, am sick of it.  All the politicians are running around talking about how we can achieve universal health care without raising taxes- that’s a joke.  You can’t universalize anything without paying for it and you certainly can’t provide such a corrupt system (medical care) for everyone to take advantage of without losing your ass.  It’s corrupt because the redistribution of wealth masks the true cost and people don’t realize that they are pushing up the prices and actually paying for them.  Every time you go to your silly ass chiropractor to do some mumbo jumbo on your neck, and every time you take a ride in the ambulance because your eyes itch, you’re increasing the cost of medical care and you will pay for it in the long run.

The shitty thing is that I have to pay for it too, just by living in this country.  The welfare state has forced people that take care of themselves to pay for smokers and fat asses when their lungs collapse into a pile of burning shit or their stomachs eat their pancreas and fart out their brains.  I pray to God that people wake up and stop promoting universal health care and until then, I will chose to opt out of such a corrupt system, thank you very much.


2 responses to “I’m sick of paying for you sickies

  1. right on!

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