Imus, Sharpton, Romney, Nappy-Headed Hos, and God

A rare picture of Sharpton not talking:


How fitting is it that the outrageous sometimes politician/sometimes reverend/sometimes comedian Al Sharpton let fly what is turning in to a seriously ugly comment. He said in a debate versus the athiest Christopher Hitchens, “as for the one Mormon running for office, those that really believe in God will defeat him anyway, so don’t worry about that, that’s a temporary situation.” Many people have taken the sound-bite factory Sharpton to have meant that Romney (the only Mormon running for President) doesn’t believe in God. Sharpton later said that he was referring to Hitchens and when no one bought that, he explained it as he was referring to beat him as a Republican.

Whatever, Al.

The irony comes in because it was Sharpton who called for (and immediately got) the firing of Don Imus after that sound-bite factory radio show host made his “nappy-headed hos” comment. Sharpton evidently thinks that only old white men can be bigots.

No one can really take back what happened to Imus, but maybe this will give some perspective on the situation. Imus is a Joke as is Sharpton. They are jokes trying to make headlines. Let’s leave it at that. If we demand their form of entertainment and then condemn them for giving it to us, we’re hypocrites. So, get over it. The best thing for Romney to do is to forgive and assume that Sharpton didn’t mean to offend. unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Romney is taking the high road and he’s getting in to it with race and bigotry.

Is giving the benefit of the doubt such a lost art?


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