Good ole illegals back at it again

I don’t know if I can speak for everyone, but last year’s May Day Immigration Protest was great- there was no traffic in Southern California for the first time in decades and all we had to miss out on was our veggie burritos.

This year looks to be a bit less dramatic as fewer protesters are taking to the streets and taking off work. Fewer are demanding their rights. Why , you may ask?

Maybe it’s because there was increased resentment from the legal immigrants and other citizens that these people were accusing them of doing something wrong. Maybe today’s demonstrations are smaller because it’s an off year for elections or maybe because the protesting didn’t work.


I’d like to think that there is less of an illegal immigrants’ rights movement this time around because the entire premise is more absurd than Irani Ahmadinejad’s recent Holocaust forum. I’d like to think that people may be starting to realize that criminals have rights, sure, but what these criminals are asking for are privileges.

They want to be able to cut the line in front of all the patient others looking for a better life in the world and they want to get in on this messy and benevolent welfare state.  Well, I have a problem with giving non-criminals 33% of my paycheck and I can’t stomach giving it to illegal aliens.

Who knows, after this year’s rights protests, even more people will feel the way I do.


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