I just saw the most hilarious global warming comment….

I had to laugh my arse off a little bit. This brilliant journalist on ABC’s “Planet Earth 2007” was in Africa commenting on the serious drought that they’re having (although many countries are capitalizing on eco-tourism and promoting wild species). She said with earnest that she saw an elephant covering itself with dust to keep itself cool because it couldn’t find any water. I busted up laughing. If this journalist had seen any Discover Channel documentaries in the past fifteen years, she might have noticed that elephants have been doing that to keep cool for as long as we’ve been watching them. They don’t really care about being dirty like pretty little video journalists- they want to be cool and dirt is a good way of lowering body temperature.

elephant dusting

Another thing I noticed was that Diane Sawyer, who’s nice enough, was very clean, yet she was instructing everyone to take a minute off of their showers so that we could water Texas for a month. I wonder how much her shower could have saved in water or how much natural resources she could have saved if she didn’t have all that plastic surgery.

I guess we need pretty spokesmodels who clean themselves and have a ridiculously high standard of living for important causes though- just ask Al Gore. The cartoon where he’s walking from his private jumbo jet to a stretch limo with his Oscar saying, “I’m here to talk about conservation” is classic.


Let’s admit that we are tearing up the environment (though not as much now as in the 60s and 70s thanks to those crazy environmentalists), but do we have to listen to big-time hypocrites like Sawyer and Gore, not to mention that nameless journalist in Africa who thinks elephant dusting is a sign of global warming?


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