Don’t glorify sickos

It turns out some people do sick, disgusting things for attention and immortality.  It would behoove us and our society if we didn’t focus on the perpetrators of violent acts, but concentrate on the poor victims.  Everyone wants to understand how someone could do things like what happened Monday in Virginia, but the best way to prevent it from happening is to ignore the sicko and not to glorify it.  No names, no photos, no videos.  It (the sicko) didn’t exist.  But what it took away did and we don’t want that to happen again.  Imagine if no one ever knew the identities of the bastards in Columbine- the Virginia sicko fuck wouldn’t have had anyone to glorify itself.  I know it’s seemingly impossible in a social age like we live in, but if people are going to do wrong for the attention- fuck em- they don’t exist.


One response to “Don’t glorify sickos

  1. You read my mind.

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