Guns and Law

Since the disgusting killings yesterday in Virginia, a lot of people are bringing up the discussion of tighter gun laws or even the banning of guns altogether. While I don’t like guns, think that people who use them have small dicks (for the most part), and see the second amendment as antequated, I also think that guns are not the reason why people do sickening things. Some say get rid of the guns and all will be well, but Japan has outlawed handguns and yet one showed up in the hand of a gangster who killed the mayor of Nagasaki on the same day as the Virginia evil. Without much imagination, one could see that if the yakuza psycho was abused as a kid and  raised on violent video games like it seems the Virginia psycho was instead of just being ticked off at bureaucracy, he may have done a similar thing in Japan.  THe legality of guns is not the question, but there is a serious problem that allows what happened to happen.

All of our sincerest condolences to the families of the victims.


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