Alcohol more dangerous than Ecstacy?

A new study has been released by some Brits that lists the more detrimental drugs.  After heroin and cocaine as the top two most harmful, alcohol comes in at fifth, tobacco at ninth, and marijuana at 11th.  I could see that- but a mix of drugs (including the top two most dangerous), ecstacy, comes in near the bottom at 19th most dangerous.

Huh?  Well, it makes sense when you read the fine print: the study measured the societal impact of common drugs, not just the harm it does to one’s body.  Can these study people make the study a bit more convoluted, please?

The reason alcohol and tobacco are legal and ecstasy isn’t is because they’re not as dangerous to the human body.  If as many people were on E as they were on alcohol, people would be dropping like flies all over the place.

What I want to see is a list of the 10 most dangerous drugs for the benefits they provide the user (i.e. alcohol is dangerous, but how many kids wouldn’t have been made if it weren’t for the old potent potable?).  Tobacco would probably be the worst on that list because it does absolutely NO GOOD once you get past the initial buzz it causes (strictly hearsay), and it KILLS THOUSANDS DAILY.

In any event, this study is bogus and probably created by a bunch of clubers in London who sport pacifiers at 3am on Sunday morning.


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