So what if Obama has no experience?

One of the main blemishes that people are finding on Presidential candidate Barrack Obama’s appeal is that the Senator has been in the political game for only a couple years.

Excuse me, but are people saying that they would rather have someone in the White House who is so power-hungry or so real-world-inept that they’ve made a career out of taking money from one section of the population and giving to another (mostly friends) and keeping a substantial chunk for himself and his retirement? That was a long sentence.

The government was founded on the concept that the government should be composed of the people which it governs. When we get into the situation where a certain group of people are constantly in control of 1/3rd of the U.S. economy, it becomes a class war that pits the government against the people, and that is a dangerous thing.

We need political novices in control. We need more than 8% of incumbents to lose their elections. We need new ideas in the stagnant government. Most of all, we need to keep ours a government of the people and by the people (i think that was right, Lincoln).

I don’t care much for what Obama has said with regard to health care and Social Security, or pretty much anything, but I like his demeanor, and I definitely like his lack of political experience.


11 responses to “So what if Obama has no experience?

  1. I think his time as a lawmaker is plenty of political experience. What worries me is that he seems to have no real executive experience. What has he ever run?

  2. Presidents are not alone. If Bush can “run” a country, so can Obama.

  3. Yeah and Bush has done a great job!!!! Obama will not be the next prez folks…this is simply a great media story…

  4. Can I quote you on this Norton?

  5. While Bush has made mistakes, narrow-mindedness on the war, allowed far too much spending by Congress, his fight for tax cuts and passing them allowed our economy to be very strong (top 2 fastest growing economies and top 2 lowest unemployment rates from 2003-2007), that was experience. Obama’s naivete w/ universal healthcare, his willingness to sit down and talk to ‘everybody’ ie terrorists, just shows utter lack of understanding how foregin diplomacy is forged and formed. Experience can be a hindderance, I agree, but on certain critical issues, it is important.

    We must also remember Bush’s many ‘failures’ or mostly perceived failures are also a result of given some of the greatest challenges since Nixon, FDR and Lincoln.

  6. Bush = Failure. End of story. Nothing to see here move right along!

  7. Elosha- Bush was successful at some things, like spending more money than any President in history, so I guess your ever-so-simplified equation is wrong?

  8. Forget experience? Hope you don’t say that about your pilot the next time you fly! Hope you don’t say that about the mechanic fixing your brakes on your car next time! Democrats= Failure. End of story. Nothing to see here, move along!

  9. Dream Team- I would tend to agree except experience usually means corruption in Washington.

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